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Child Support Dissomaster Calculator

  California Courts rely upon a child support calculator software application known as Dissomaster.  The essential variables in the calculation of child support in California are primarily the parties gross incomes, or net incomes if self employed.  Another significant factor is the number of children and the percentage of time that each parent shares with their children.  Deductions are granted for health insurance payments, union dues, mandatory retirement deductions, mortgage interest payments to name a few.

However, skillful attorneys often negotiate child support payments and employ the sharing of deductions to utilize tax benefits to their respective clients.

The bottom line is that parents have a duty to support their children, and the benefit in paying child support is that all children have a better childhood and adult life opportunities if their needs are adequately met.

Personal Injury Auto Accident First Step

As a California Personal Injury attorney, I want to inform all auto accident victims of the importance that upon injury, a prompt visit to the local emergency room is the first step in providing a record of your injuries (to be made “whole”) and to receive any necessary treatment. Typically, a victim is made “whole” for their injuries by receiving a monetary settlement from the responsible party’s insurance company. Without a clear medical record of your injuries, beginning with a prompt visit to the emergency room, strength in negotiating an out- of- court settlement can be jeopardized. Caution must always be taken when driving – always wear your seatbelt and be observant of other drivers on the road.


Sometimes a refinanced auto loan will have you upside down with market value for your car at less than the loan balance.  A Chapter 13 Plan, if approved, will allow the debtor to strip away the unsecured portion of the loan securing the auto.  This result will allow a debtor to pay the secured value of the loan, which generally is the market value of the automobile.

This is known as lien stripping.  



Non-married fathers/paternity

If in California, a child is born and you believe you are the father and you are not married.  It is crucial that within the first year of the child’s life, provided you wish to preserve your rights as a father, that you provide monetary support to the child.  This will prevent a claim later in an adoption of the child, that your rights as a father be terminated because you failed to support the child within a period of 12 months.


Construction Breach

It’s a thought that I must share for construction professionals within the State of California, the importance of documenting an owners breach of written contract.  Better yet, upon the start of work on a project, if an owner informs you  the contractor that he no longer wishes to continue the contract, and is backing out of the contract, then this is the start of evidencing the owners breach of the contract. 

The wiser approach to implement upon the owners breach by backing out of the contract, is that the contractor immediately send the owner a letter confirming said owners decision to back out of the written contract.

Why you ask?

Answer:  The letter you will send to the owner memorializing his breach of contract will eventually be an important piece of evidence for the purposes of convincing a judge or jury that you were the party honoring the contract.

Also, don’t forget to keep a copy of your letter to the owner.  This will be helpful if the breaching owner later makes a claim that he or she didn’t receive a copy of the letter.